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Iran poetic tour travel, Itinerary
A Memorable & Enjoyable Holiday
10 Days / 9 Nights

Love and Fellowship through Persian and World Poetry
Experience Poetic Gestures of the Iranian Culture

Persian poetry is rich and its essence is being further discovered as more accurate translations of humble giants such as Jalaladin Molana Rumi and Hafez is taking place. We are welcoming international poets and poetry lovers to come to Iran and engage in a dialogues and poetry readings with Iranian poets and poetry lovers to honor our common desire for love and peace through poetry and fellowship.
Our vision is to create a tour which serves our international guest participants in four ways; 1. Experience love, peace & fellowship through Iranian and world poetry
2. An enjoyable holiday
3. Experience poetic gestures of the Persian culture
4. See Iran's historic and natural points of interest.

Poetic Iran

Day 1
Arrival reception at the airport and transfer to hotel. O/N Tehran.
Day 2
Morning visit to Archeology museum and evening meeting with Iranian poets. Poetry night. O/N Tehran
Day 3
Flight to Mashad, drive to Toos and a poetry reading at Ferdosi's tomb. Note: Ferdosi was the great Persian poet and myth maker who lived over 1000 years ago. Persian language is based on and has stayed solid on large volumes of his poetry called Shahnameh or the stories of kings. O/N Mashad.
Day 4
Drive to Nayshabur (the tomb of Omar Khyam and Attar two famous poets of Iran). Rumi Poetry Night. O/N Mashad.
Day 5
Morning flight to Shiraz and city tour and the evening poetry session at Hafez's tomb.
Note: Hafez is the world renown for his love and mystical poetry. Gote, the famous German poet praised Hafiz tremendously. Hafiz Poetry Night. O/N Shiraz.
Day 6
All day visit to Persepolis (UNESCO's World Heritage Site). O/N Shiraz
Day 7
Morning drive to Isfahan. Evening visit at the Naghshe Jahan Square (UNESCO's World Heritage Site). O/N Isfahan
Day 8
Full day city tour of Isfahan to visit Armenian Quarter and its cathedral Vank, Chehel-Sotoun Palace, visit Sio-Se-Pol and Khajo bridges, tombs of famous American Iranologist professor Arthur Upham Pope. O/N Isfahan.
Day 9
Drive to Tehran and on the way visit Kashan. Evening meeting Iranian Poets and poetry night. O/N Tehran.
Day 10
Note: The poem presented will be from Hafiz, Jalaladin Molana Rumi, Sadi, Ferdosi, Oamr Khayam, and other famous Iranian poets. Our guests are welcome to present their favorite international poems.


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