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Shiraz is the center of Fars province. Fars has had a role of great significance in the Iranian civilization. This province is greatly indebted to the settlement of the Achaemenid and Sassanian dynasties for its glorious cultural heritage.
Shiraz was mainly flourished and developed in the post-Islamic period. Scattered all over the territory of Fars are monuments materializing the rapid progess of the province in both pre-Islamic and Islamic era.
Shiraz, Travel to Shiraz Place of interest: Persepolis, Naqsh-e-Rustam, Naqsh-e-Rajab, Pasargad, mausoleum of Hafez, Mausoleum of saadi, Delgosha Garden, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Pars Museum, Masirolmolk Mosque, Shah Shoja's Mausoleum, Daughter Castle, Moshir Mosque, Shah Cheragh Shrine, Eram Garden, King Shapou's Statue, ...
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