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Iran tour travel, Ecotour Itinerary

Historical Perspective

From the down of history environmental conditions and the rich variety of natural resources in the Iranian region made it possible for our ancestors to create great flourishing civilization . Our Iranian forefathers conceived of the earth as a mother , nature as sacred and the pollution of the environment as a sin.

National Parks Tour in IRAN

Iran is a vast nation of great natural beauty and rich history. Because of its beautiful natural setting, a lively and interesting environment we can offer our nature loving tourists a no of magnificent and outstanding tours which are unique and can be organized in a wide range of different itineraries to cover the beauty of the whole country at very competitive prices.

We can offer you, visits to a number of Natural Parks & Protected Region such as, Golestan, Kavir,Lar, Khosh Yellagh, Bakhtegan and Bamoo. Bakhtegan lake is a place that must be seen by tourists especially in winter when the migrated flamingoes and birds from Russia accommodate themselves in here.

A visit to Margoon Waterfall, Anzali Lagoon (West Caspian coast) Miankaleh Lagoon (East Caspian coast), Qeshm island Mangrove forest in Persian Gulf will fulfill your tour of Iran.

At present there are 10 National Parks & 41 Protected Region in Iran. The total area encompassed by these Protected areas is approximately 7.9 million hectares (about 19.75 million acres) about 4.8% of the total land area of the country.

Eco-Tour Itinerary
12 Days / 11 Nights
Day 1: Tehran - Gorgan
Early morning drive to Gorgan via Firouzkouh road. O/N.
Day 2: Gorgan - Golestan forest
Drive to Golestan Forest (National Park ). The first area to be designated as a National reserve in Iran. The park in uniquely situated in mountain terrain, spanning bunchgrass steppe. The Eastern edge of the contiguous Caspian forest. It provides abundant wild life such as one would expect to find in mountain, foothills & valleys with steppe and deciduous forest vegetation . O.N in tent
Day 3: Golestan forest
Full day Golestan forest sightseeing tour. O.N in tent.
Day 4: Golestan - Khosh Yellagh
Drive Khosh Yellagh Protected Area , O.N in tent
Day 05: Khosh Yellagh - Damghan
Morning drive to Damghanvia Shahroud, sight seeing in mentioned cities, O.N.
Day 06: Damghan - Jandagh
Drive to Jandagh (Passing through the central desert), arrive in Jandagh, O.N in tent
Day 07: Jandagh-Naeen-Isfahan
Drive to Isfahan via Naeen, a visit to some monuments in Naeen , continuing to Isfahan, O.N.
Day 8: Isfahan
Full day Isfahan city tour, O.N.
Day 9: Isfahan - Kashan - Natanz - Desert
Drive to Kashan via Natanz, sightseeing in mentioned cities, continuing to desert where we will stay two nights in tent.
Day 10: Kavir National park
This protected region provide good examples of the desert and arid steppe train typical of perhaps half of Iran's land surface. This area is located near the North Western corner of Iran's vast and arid central basins between the Dasht-e-Kavir (Salt Desert) and the Salt lake. observing animals within 150 Km of capital, together with the resurgence of plant life, give rise to the hope that some day the area will be a natural history show case of a living desert, O.N in tent.
Day 11: Tehran
Drive to Lar Protected Area, where is located at the skirt of the highest mountain in Iran (Damavand Peak). It consists of mountainous, terrestrial aquatic ecosystems. Minimum elevation is 2400 m above sea level. Vagetation cover consists of four types including grass steps, tragacanthic (thorn cushion), shrublands and high mountain vegetation (Alpine meadows and perennial herbs). Lar provides suitable habitat for around 100 species of endemic and migratory birds such as ; Caspian snowcock, Chukar partridge, Eagles, Kastrel, Crane, Herons& Flamingo . Mammals of this area include; wild Goat , Alborz reed sheep , Bear, Leopard, Hyena, O.N in tent.
Day 12: Tehran
Morning in Lar , PM drive to Tehran, we end our Tour or extend for other programs.

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