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tour travel agency, Iran Spas Itinerary
Spas (mineral water) as a fantastic phenomena because of cerement characteristic, has always been interesting for tourists, specially in Iran. Every year thousands of tourists come to Iran to take bath in Iran mineral water pool for different diseases, like skin diseases, nervous valmative and etc.


Name of City Name of Spas Temperature in centigrade degree Curative Properties
Takab Takhteh Solyman 48 C Nerves Calmative
Bandar-e-Abbas (Geno) Geno 45 C Rheumatism and woman diseases
Bandar-e-Abbas (Khorgoo) Khorgoo 48 C Rheumatism and woman diseases
Bandar-e-Abbas (Khamir) Leshtan 46 C Rheumatism and woman diseases
Khalkhal (Senjid) Givi Souei 59 C Nerves Disease
Khalkhal (Khoresh ostam) Miansaran 26 C Nerves Disease
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Ab Chashm 18 C Calmative
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Pehen Souei 30 C Calmative
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Jeneral 42 C Joint pains
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Sari Sou 41 C Calmative
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Ghara Sou 47 C Calmative
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Ghahveh Souei 44 C Joint pains
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Gavmishgoli 43 C Calmative Rheumatic
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Besh Bajilar 40 C Calmative
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Viladaragh 19 C Digestive Stomach Kidney
Ardebil (Sare Eiyn) Savalan Water Therapy 46 C Calmative
Ardebil (Markazi) Sardabeh 20 C Hepatic
Meshkin Shahr Eilando 34 C Nerves Calmative
Meshkin Shahr Torsh Sou 12 C Nerves Calmative
Meshkin Shahr Dobdo 43 C Nerves Calmative
Meshkin Shahr Shabil 48 C Joint pains
Meshkin Shahr Ghotour Souei 39 C Skin Diseases Calmative
Meshkin Shahr Ghinarjeh 84 C Joint pains
Meshkin Shahr Malek Souei 38 C Nerves Calmative
Meshkin Shahr Mo Eil 41 C Nerves Calmative

* Apox distance from main city is about 30 to 50 Km.

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