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Company name : 
Dornagasht Tour & Travel Agency

Iranparadise is one of the most experienced leading destination management companies In Iran organizing group Inbound and Outbound tours & Accredited by AATTA ,ITOA.

Trade name : 

Division : 
Historical, Cultural and Adventure

Established : 
1995 by A.A.Alijani

Ownership :

Total number of employees : 

Registered License : 
Ministry of Cultural & Islamic Guidance

Activities : 
Incoming Tour Operator

1. Historical & Cultural
2. Nature of desert
3. Sports (climbing, Skiing)
4. Pilgrimage (Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq)
5. Nomads
6. Eco-Tourism
7. Commercial
8. Silk Road (Iran, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)

Head Office : No.121, East Sarv Ave., Sa'adat-Abad, Tehran, Iran
Post code : 1998653788
Tel : +98 (21) 22067254, 22060537, 22067020
Fax : +98 (21) 22067256
Email :
Website :

Bank reference : Melli Bank, Eskan Branch, Tehran, Iran
Branch Code No. :
Account No. : 909460
In name of :
Mr. Abbas Ali Alijani

Persian (Iran) Cultural Tours

Organizes adventure and Eco-cultural tours. Offers tour packages including historical & cultural, nature of desert, hunting safari, climbing & skiing and pilgrimage tours. Organizes tours to Iran. Includes cultural and historical tours, adventure and ecotours, hunting and birdwatching. Offers guided tours to popular destinations in Iran. Tourist agency offers historical, cultural, trekking and adventure tours. Organizes trekking, climbing, adventure, mountain biking and research tours.

Iran Tours Operator:

The best comparison on Iranian hotels, travel agencies & tour operators. Offers a wide variety of group and individual tours. Also provides hotel reservations and visa services. Provides cultural, historical, and nomad tours across Iran. Also offers visa processing services. Offers business travel, classical and adventure tours to Iran. Organizes cultural, adventure, training, incentive tours. Itineraries include pilgrimages, nomads, eco-tourism, spa tours in Iran, visa processing, and more.

No.20, Aliakbar St., Kaj Sq., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
Tel : +98 (21) 22067254
Fax : +98 (21) 22067256

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