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Poetic Iran
Persian language is often called a sweet and a poetic language. Certainly, this is partly due to the poets such as Ferdosi, Hafiz, Rumi, Khayam, and many other story tellers, poets, myth makers, and mystics of this ancient land.

A poet is someone
Who can pour Light into a spoon,
Then raise it
To nourish
Your beautiful parched, holy mouth.

The other part of the reason for existence of this poetic language is the people of this land and their cultural identity with a poetic language and their desire to connect with that which is holly, spiritual and mystical. Poetry brings our soul closer to the truth and the beloved.

I am happy before I have a reason.

During this tour we will have several poetry workshops. We will strive, pray for, and desire a taste of the yearning that Hafiz and Rumi had for their beloved.

Start seeing everything as God,
But keep it a secret.
Become like a man who is Awestruck
And Nourished
"Hafiz (translation by Landinsky)"

We will spend time in rural Iran and we will visit some of the main historic and natural attractions of Iran.

Beyond the ideas of right doing And wrong doing
There is a field.
I will meet you there.
"Rumi (Molana Jala-ODdin)"


In the morning When I began to wake,
It happened again-
That feeling
That you, Beloved,
Had stood over me all night
Keeping watch,
That feeling
That as soon as I began to stir
You put Your lips on my forehead
And lit a Holy Lamp
Inside my heart.


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