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Iran CIP, travel to Iran

The Mehrabad international Airport has created a new complex to welcome and entertain business travelers. In the business world, time is money.
We have prepared these services to save your time so that you can enjoy your stay in Iran as soon as you arrive.

We will accompany you right at disembarking and you will be brought to CIP complex by our luxurious cars.
All passport formalities and customs affairs will be handled carefully.
All traffic affairs such as seat confirmation and getting boarding passes and any other flight details  will be handled in an efficient manner freeing you up to meet with Iranian colleagues in our beautiful complex complete with conference rooms and lounges.
These services are also available at Shiraz and Mashad airport.
We will look forward to welcoming you to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
For further information, please call or fax us.

Tel: +98 (21) 22067254, 22060537, 22067020
Fax: +98 (21) 22067256

Thank you for your interest in The Commercial Important Persons program.

Travel to Iran

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Iran Business Travel

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No.20, Aliakbar St., Kaj Sq., Saadat Abad, Tehran, Iran
Tel : +98 (21) 22067254
Fax : +98 (21) 22067256

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