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Arg-e-Bam Which is 2000 year old, is the biggest mud-brick complex in the world. This historical monument is located on an igneous hill, on the verge of the silk Road. It consists of 4 parts, 38 watchtowers, a moat and huge rampart. It has an area of some 240,000 square meters. The deep moat surrounding the complex, has kept it undamaged through the ups and downs of events during centuries. The monument is constructed mainly from mud-brick and clay. The better-known places of Arg-e-Bam are: a public bath, a traditional gymnasium, a garrison, a stable, a jail, a four-season building (the governing palace), and the governor's house.
Ancient Bam (Arg-e Bam): Ancient Bam (Arg-e Bam) in Bam, Iran.
Reconstruction of the Bam Citadel is underway, and although the officials are working very slow.
The Citadel of Bam (Arg-e Bam) is the most representative example of a fortified medieval town built in vernacular technique using mud layers.
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