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Hamadan with 2500 years of spending history houses numerous historical monuments, among them visiting two petrography of Ganjnameh, dating back to Achaemenian period is a must.
Places of interest: Mausoleum of BabaTaher, Stone Lion, Dome of Alavian Avicenna's Mausoleum, Ali sadr Cave and Lake, Ghorban Tower, Lalijin Village, the tomb of Esther & Mordecai...
Information about Hamedan in Iran, Iranian, tribes, Persia ancient culture. Outside Hamadan one can visit the village of Lalejin, famous for its pottery industry.
Great Tours to Iran! Visa, Hotel & Ticket reservation, Car rental, CIP services. ganjnameh hamedan A city in western Iran, located in a productive farming region.
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Mausoleum of BabaTaher is one of Hamadan best attractions. Stone Lion in Hamadan city is ancient cultural attractions. Travel to Iran and visit Dome of Alavian Avicenna's Mausoleum. Ali sadr cave and lake is eco tour and cultural tour in Persia. Ghorban tower is highlight of hamadan for tourism in Iran. Lalijin village and the tomb of Esther & Mordecai are best ancient cultural tour in Persia. Iran tour and travel for cultural trekking in Hamadan and village. Tour service in Persia for historical tour with hotel and visit ali sadr cave. Tour operator for skiing tour and visit tomb esther mordecai in Hamedan.

Hamadan tours